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released May 22, 2013




D.O.E.(Dust Of The Earth) Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: One Hope
suicide songs the day long through radio
glorifying death and making hell seem like the place to go
wrist cuttin risk takers back stabbin deal breakers
feels like a field of dreams directed by the real satan
push toward more decline like who cares on recline
same show a rewind ship sinks slow "we'll be fine"
theres been a global sickening dripping down through our history
humans increase in evil all adding insult to injury
manufacture these remedies fallacies for your maladies
palaces built around our ego's house our immorality
live like there's no mortality laugh at the thought judgment
but laughter it will be absent upon the day of His coming
runnin hiding duckin dodgin tryin to find a place to cover up
the Judges own blood is all that's strong enough to cover us
The Love for us put on display when Christ the King was crucified
the wrath of God was satisfied a covenant was ratified

the gates of hell slammed closed before me the Fathers house was opened for me
Jesus Christ the Hope of Glory author of the greatest story
penned His love for us plasma got us yellin Maranatha
the only hope for helpless folks and broken souls all else is tragic

the finished work of Christ is all i dare to place my trust in
all other ground is sinking sand a match against a gust of wind
the thrust of why i write and live is all in what He died to give
the Cross it ever draws me with a call to come and die to live
my righteousness a filthy a garment burn it like a rival flag
send all confidence in self to hell and let it breathe it's last
the underclass Hero Redeemer of the zeros
sought to build a nation from a lame and stranded people
hands constrained by evil and eyes closed up by darkness
a miracle how God alone puts love inside the heartless
like the man from tarsus whose very breathe was murderous
who heard the Words of Holy God and turned to preach the Word to us
Life to all who hear and come death to all who turn and run
the light of the Eternal Son surrounded by the burning ones
the seraphim who carry hymns to Him whose kingdom is sure to come
search the heavens and the earth to find the Only Worthy One
Track Name: Truth
a moment of silence for a world that's slowly dying
alright enough being quiet scream with me "open your eyes up"
there's only one truth we tell it so can you hear me
i see the day approachin so called Christians wantin to kill me
we're livin in a time where mad people deny the Bible
the scripture is being twisted by minister who deny Truth
the culture it ever worsens the church is conforming to it
exchanging sound doctrine for hollow dollars they follow judas
ludicrous is the truth to a heart that is un-renewed
so for foolish vain entertainment they race to fill up the pews
they take the edge off the message so not to offend the viewers
in doing this they remove the solution and leave you losin
hell is not just a metaphor it is really forever
for everyone who has ever rejected the Gospel message
and yes i really believe this it came from the mouth of Jesus
i love you enough to tell you stop sleeping arise to flee this
Yes i really belive that God is a God of love
and because He loves what is right to the sinner He is a judge
by sinner i mean humanity yessir each one of us
we hate the One who created us look at what we've become
out of our very nature we're wicked and so deceitful
believe me that even children are naturally bent toward evil
do you remember the person who taught you to tell a lie
no you figured it out your self probably saving your own behind
most kids are really selfish you have to teach them to share
but we've been swimming in sin to the point that we're unaware
so how can people believe that we're all in need of a Savior
unless we can understand that we're depraved in our behavior
and there is coming a day when the world be called to answer
every knee will bow no man man enough to be standing
and up against the commandments every word and deed will be tested
for every law thats broken is a penalty of death
but the penalty of death was paid by Christ upon the cross
the violent wrath of God was rained on Him for every broken law
one and all everyone who will may come
turn your back to wretched sin and place trust in the SON